Mission Statement

In partnership with families and community,  the mission of

Shui-Mei Elementary School is to provide all students with a strong academic foundation through diverse and challenging instruction in a caring, safe and nurturing environment, enabling them to achieve their greatest potential while developing self-confidence, respect, responsibility, compassion, and a love of learning.  We believe that an excellent education at Shui-Mei Elementary is made possible by the cooperative efforts of our school staff, our homes, and our community.





     1. All students will meet or exceed performance

         standards at each grade level as measured by 

         teacher-prepared assessments.

   2. Family, community and school partnerships

         will increase in order to provide diverse

         learning opportunities which meet the social,

          emotional, and academic needs of all students.



1. We will provide opportunities for parents and community

    members to more fully participate in our school.

2. We will ensure that the curriculum and evaluation

    measures  are aligned with the national standards and

    define the  baseline performance of each grade level.

3. We will maximize professional development

    opportunities for staff and community members in

    order to meet our mission and objectives.

4. We will improve the health and safety of Shui-Mei

    School's physical environment.

5. We will improve the methods of internal and external communication.

6. We will explore creative uses of time and modify our school 

    schedule in order to better meet our objectives.