Shui-Mei Elementary School belongs to administrative district of Shui-Mei Village, Waipu Hsiang, Taichung County at Taiwan and was founded in August 1958.  Originally, she was named Affiliated School of Shui-Mei Branch, Waipu Elementary School, and was independent in Aug. 1962. 

For administrative organization, we have installed with three section offices: Academic Office, General Affairs Office, and Counselor's Office. 

Our school is a small-scaled elementary school at rural village of  Taichung County.



Since establishment of our school for 49years long, there were many succeeded principals devoted in the programming on school operation.  In the Shui-Mei school community, the staff and parents cooperate to create a positive and secure learning  environment with high expectations for students' academic and social growth.  Through active classroom learning activities and such channels as student council, our students are full participants in the development of their educational experience and environment.  Now, our school has complete facilities and graceful studying  environment, and our teachers are the best to get local affirmative in the field of education.


Principal:                   Mr.Xue Wenlie

Grades:                      kindergarten , 1-6

Enrollment:                169

Classes:                     7

Average Class Size:    25

Hours:                       7:30 a.m. to 4:20 p.m.




After the latest Principal Mr. Chen Lang-Yang serves in our school, he progressively promotes new educational philosophy on operation to cultivate students for an excellent disposition by making use of quality school environment.  Meanwhile, he seeks for profound and attentive national education and enriches the information facilities in the campus to improve the learning environment.  He pushes not only the children reading activity to let all students attend in the recital seminar to learn the traditional poems and letters, but also the physical jogging sports and various activities, including upgrading the study and research environment, parental and teachers cooperation, and so on.  Under strong support of the parents and the teachers, all educational activities of our school are implemented successfully. 


Shui-Mei Pledge

I pledge to  be the best person I can be, 

               to learn all that I can learn, 

               and to treat  others as I would like  others to treat me.